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Ladder and Scaffolding Safety

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  • Ladder and Scaffolding Safety

    Now that Spring weather has arrived and contractors begin their exterior building Scaffolding projects, we want to take a moment to remind everyone about the importance of ladder and scaffolding safety.
    Follow Directions. First and foremost; follow the directions that come with your ladder. Ladders have load ratings, so be sure to follow the ratings and do not overload it.

    Inspect Your Ladder. Proper care and maintenance is a key component to ladder safety. Before each use, be sure to inspect your ladder to ensure it is in proper working order.
    If any part or component of your ladder fails inspection. DO NOT USE IT and REMOVE FROM SERVICE until it can be repaired or destroyed (if not repairable).
    If possible, store your ladder indoors. If you use ladder racks for your vehicles, be sure to rinse off road dirt or salt regularly, this will help increase the longevity of the ladder.
    Assess the work environment. There are three basic materials for ladders: Aluminum, Fiberglass and Wood and they come in various forms for different uses. It is best to inspect the work area to be sure you are using the right ladder Cuplock for the job. Consider obstacles, electrical sources, uneven ground and height when choosing the best ladder.